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The Story of the Butterfly Project

Carole Peccorini, a nurse from Sonoma, California, joined a MannaRelief team on a journey to distribute health-giving glyconutrients and vitamins to orphanages throughout Uganda.  Today The Butterfly Project is sending bright young women in Kenya and Uganda to college.

"It all began in August of 2005, when I arrived in Uganda with 1200 iridescent butterflies tucked in my suitcase.  I was part of a MannaRelief Team, and we came to visit orphanages and bring the children health-giving glyconutrients and vitamins.

While there we met the face of great need: 600,000 orphans, many suffering from HIV, AIDS and malaria.  For others, rebel strife had taken their parents.  Even so, the children asked me, “When you go home, would you tell everyone that I love them?”

I asked myself, 'What more can I do?' After meeting a young girl named Evaline and later, Betty, I knew from a deep place within.  Before I left Uganda, I committed to send ten orphans to college.  It will cost $60,000.

To accomplish this, I am putting the butterflies to work through donations.  Each little butterfly is a gift to you and also a gift for a young woman in East Africa.  If enough butterflies take flight, multitudes of girls will go to college and the wings of transformation will touch our world.

When you sponsor a promising young girl in East Africa to go to college, every dollar you give has magnified power.  Just $6,000 in donations provides the financial partnership to create a university graduate and a new leader to lift a village, a country from poverty.  These young women would never have the opportunity to go to college if not for you.

Contact Carole Peccorini, RN, MA
Phone: 707-996-2167

Use the player below to listen to an interview of Carole about The Butterfly Project (about 20 min.)

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Village Volunteers and The Butterfly Project

The Butterfly Project is grateful to be a part of Village Volunteers and to share a mission together in Kenya and Uganda. Our partnership provides vital support, mentoring and funds for growing numbers of East African girls so they can achieve higher education degrees.

Girls are change agents for their culture when they have the opportunity for higher education. Educated girls lower birth rates and the incidence of HIV/AIDS. Extreme poverty and traditions would prevent the possibility of these promising students reaching their fullest potential and contribution as leaders. Together we are partners in their success through higher education and moving the world toward the greatest good for all.

Learn more about the empowering, respectful programs of Village Volunteers and how they dedicate themselves to assist village communities in their quest to achieve a healthy, sustainable life through education, health and economic growth by visiting

Contact Shana Greene
Phone: 206-577-0515

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